About us

Swar Cultural Society

The Swar Cultural Society(SCS) is a voluntary, non-profit organization devoted to the dissemination and enjoyment of music, especially Indian & Western Classical music. It was Prayagraj registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, with the primary objectives described below:

  • to promote and encourage music and dance,
  • to arrange concerts and recitals by visiting and local artistes, and
  • to collaborate with other similar cultural organizations to encourage and
    develop among the musically inclined, an appreciation and understanding
    of western classical music.

Organizing Committee

1- President
2- Vice President Mrs. Elizabeth
3- Secretary Adhya Sharma
4- Celesta the Band Coordinator Sharva Srivastava
5- Swar Academy  Coordinator Alen
6- Swar Events Coordinator Alen
7- Swar Regional Vice President Nishant
8- Society Coordinator Sugeeta
9- Event Coordinator Mamta Bajpai
10- Event Coordinator Anshu Gupta

Official Messages

Vice President of Swar Cultural Society North India

The Swar Cultural Society is the premier organisation of our country involved in the promotion and safeguarding of the arts of music and dance. The society has always striven to uphold the core values of Music and maintain high standards of excellence. The classic dilemma for an organisation of this kind is to look to achieve a fine balance between the competing demands of tradition and modernity. It is fair to say that the society has had reasonable success in achieving that golden mean, without compromising on the classical values.

Thanks to the farsighted vision and selfless efforts of its founding fathers and successive generations of its leaders, office bearers and committee members ably supported by experts in the field and wonderful musicians and dance exponents and its enlightened membership, it has attained its current pre-eminent stature, with its reputation painstakingly built not just in India but the world over.

We are living in an increasingly connected digital world where geographic boundaries have been transcended and the emergence of internet has brought about connectivity as never before. The interactive digital media and the worldwide web have played a major transformational role in this inter-connectedness.

The society and academy too cannot be left behind in this digital revolution. It was, therefore, decided to suitably re-design and enhance its website so as to make for a more enriching and interactive experience for all wherever they are situated. A major step has now been taken in this direction with this new offering and improvements will of course be made along the way.

We would greatly value your feedback and suggestions.

On behalf of the committee, I express our deep appreciation for the initiative and hard work of our small team of Committee Members of North India – Mr. Alen Joe Sebastian, Mr. Nishant Namdev, Ms. Adhya Sharma, Mrs Anshu Gupta and our  Ms. Sharva Srivastava  in bringing this project to fruition.

Wishing you all an enjoyable experience.



Swar Cultural Society India