Coordinators Message

Coordinators Message

Coordinator Celesta the Band North India & Brand Ambassador of Swar Cultural Society North India

Swar Cultural Society is a platform which gives us a chance to showcase our talents, with our success of so many events we have been willing to create a “All Girls Band” in North India which we’ve named “CELESTA THE BAND” It is our initiative in helping the girls who have great skills in the field of music to provide a platform for showcasing their talents so that they can make their parents as well as the country proud. We’ll also give our best to make it a success not just in our

country but also abroad. And if we talk about music, it is one of the greatest blessings we have recieved from God. And I’m so honoured and grateful to be a part of Swar Cultural Society as well as Celesta The Band.


Sharva Srivastava

COORDINATOR Celesta The Band

AMBASSADOR Swar Cultural Society North India