The Girls
Band from City of Nawabs Lucknow. Celesta means a small keyboard instrument in
which felted hammers strike a row of steel plates suspended over wooden
resonators, giving an ethereal bell-like sound.. and bell is sacred instrument
used to worship god. It also refers peace between man and God. The band started
on August 11, 2019 under direction of Mr. Alen Joe Sebastian . Band is a
contemporary rock band from Lucknow. The rock band has so far compiled music
from different genres, including fusion, Indian, rock and jazz. This is the
best band of Lucknow. The Coordinator of Celesta the Band is Ms. Sharva

Band Coordinator Sharva Srivastava
Lead Singer Sharva Srivastava
Lead Singer Adhya Sharma
Lead Singer Riya Shukla
Keyboardist Aishani Kapoor
Guitarist Avni Kapoor
Guitarist Sugeeta